Thanksgiving 2016

Hello Everyone Out their,

I’m Learning WordPress, I’m not a fan, It makes me feel like I’m not smart or I got to Old. Well Fred and I hear sitting in my shop after I wrote a lovely blog and wordpress Deleted it. ICK I am adding a Blog to the website in hopes i can interact with your better or at least you can get to know ME and my fur children better, Speaking of witch Maggie, has been at Wind River Tails and Trails for 3 1/2 weeks now and they tell me she’s doing great. I don’ t think Fred and I Realized how much we Loved and Missed he r till this Week she’ll be gone. She wakes me at 6 , I loved that. Fred lets me over sleep. Tha’ts getting hard. Fred’s Getting Lonely. Missing Maggie and the Shop Bustling,

I Must Apologize to Everyone I shouldn’t have ever gone on my trip to NYC, It was a disater with me getting sick and my couzan taking care of me. and he helped me to return home to MT only to Hurt his back so badly he couldn’t walk without help untill we got him Chiropractic , Massages  and a Walking stick. He really needed his Mommy but he had me. and I took care of him because he did for me. Though that was hard on Paws and Pamper and all you loyal Customers. taking me away for Longer then supposed to happen. I am so Sorry. I want you to Know I am going to try and do my best . I hope you’ll bear with me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy your Holidays I will see you all I hope In December



Well  as most of you know Fred is my Loyal and yet excitable Husky /lab x at age 6 now his acid refux is manly under control,  sometimes it flares up.. for some ungodly reason.  and is borderline highroad.  so poor Fred has had some health issues lately. going into thighroid zones randomly,  going from 90 – 1-5 and then a huge jump from 105 to 118 pounds  in two weeks. I have worked really hard to try and get his weight off. we have a tredmill now.  so when you come in the shop and theirs this huge freindly dog this is why he’s so huge .. we are trying.

  • Team Fred

Wonderful Spring

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for my absence,     I was walking  My Big Dog Fred and he stopped on black Icy, yup a huge pile of poop i say. for lack of how i really feel. I have had concussion symptoms now for going on 5 1/2 weeks and it stinks. I’m looking to hire a groomer in my shop because of it. and I am eternally sorry for all the confusion and frustration I have caused my customers.

On the totally Bright side of the rainbow. I have help with my horse spice a new friend to ride with. Maggie is in Private dog classes. and Pet smart Classes once a Week and Loving it. Still having some problems hear and their and it’s always random.. my Big guy Fred is much calmer without her But Misses her desperately when she’s gone but we won’t tell him we know.. ssshhh..  I have a Fit Bit Now so if anyone want’s to get fit with me. Lets do it. :}

Last but not Least It’s Spring and I can Finally think about flowers and lawn mowers, and my houses flowers. making my shop Blossom . can’t wait for sunshine.


Well Everyone I’ve Just been  itching inside  to write this my puppy Maggie



Maggie is a year and a half now and is back at the shop and learning fast she isn’t supposed to bark. but occasionally she will. she is learning quickly that ” that is your Friend ” meaning my customer or any other human that walks by.  Maggie spent 5 weeks at Wind River Tails and trails  The Staff is amazing. and Maggie knows all sorts of commands for the house and for out on the trail.   So While Maggie is Still settling in and Learning to be a better citizen I hope you all can understand and be patient, Maggie and friend only get treats in the office and are to sit or lie down.

thanks for your love patients and loyalty


Valentines Day

Hello Everyone,

I feel i am so bad at this Blog thing, I’ll get the hang of  it. Well valentines Day approaches. Don’t forget your candy hearts and flowers for your loved one. bring your pet into the mix too. or do something special for the pet that makes your heart so warm. Go for a hike,  Snow shoeing, skijoring, walk around the block or go to his favorite store and let your fur baby have a new toy or bone.

Paws and Pamper  has great new Products for your adventures, from outdoor backpacks to lights for night by ezydog that you can see for over a mile. tough toy’s and fluffy ones.  New this January Small Dog Toy’s after many request